Message from the Author | The Pathway
Message from the Author

This book is written for those who are sensing big changes in the world.  How do we find a successful pathway through these changes for our hard-earned wealth?  You’ve become frustrated, as I have, that the old ways of choosing investments aren’t benefiting from the stunning advances we experience all around us.  Instead those tactics underperform by owning those areas of the economy that are hurt by change.

Journey with me on a proven path to a positive and profitable future.  You will learn a straightforward academically proven method that is producing a great return for my portfolio managed clients by staying on the winning side of the future.  This is our ‘Pathway’.
I truly believe that utilizing even a portion of what you learn will improve your results.  The more you adopt, the greater your chance of financial freedom.

Ken MacNeal, March 2017


Ken MacNeal has had a successful career in the investment industry. For 40 years, Ken has been Vice President or Partner with a number of bank-owned and/or boutique investment dealers servicing high net worth clients.   

Many people will remember Ken as one of the three Kens on the weekly television program, "The Western Investor" which aired for six years. The show was popular for its timely advice and its sense of camaraderie among the three hosts.

Ken is a student of the investment markets. His experience of the Alberta oil boom and subsequent bust in the early 1980s led him to rigorously study the stock market and economic cycles, to avoid as much as possible another bust. This diligence has proved successful for his clients.

This book, The Pathway — Your Money in a Changing World, summarizes the best methods Ken’s research has found to capitalize on investing in strong markets between the busts.