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Pricing and Payment

What you get with The Pathway eBook

First and foremost, you get to learn about my improved approach to Momentum investing.

  1. In the first part of the book for the casual investor are dynamic internet links to charts of the broad market ETFs and basic industry group ETFs.  This may be all you need to keep your portfolio on a winning track. Those charts update daily and are yours to use as long as you want for free.  
  2. You receive a separate chart report free for a 3-month trial period. It showcases 582 charts including 24 industry and sub-industry ETFs with short term charts from the last important low for fine tuning your portfolio.  Keen investors who want to own individual company stocks will have dynamically updating charts of 240 key companies.   
  3. At the end of the free trial period, you’ll want to continue using these amazing charts by purchasing a 1-year subscription of the chart reports for $200 (including tax).  These are the new internet-based tools that have made Momentum investing easy and effective.  

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The Pathway eBook

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